Among the Clouds by Eric Pinder

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Work, Wit & Wild Weather
at the Mount Washington Observatory

Foreword by meteorologist Mish Michaels

100 pages, B&W illustrations, Alpine Books, 2008

Among the Clouds

A flying chunk of ice the size of a baseball whacks an unsuspecting mountaineer on the head. A bored raven steals food from foxes and goes tobogganing on the snow. A mountaintop meteorologist commutes home by sled after enduring a week of nonstop hurricane-force winds.

Where is all this happening? The answer is only at the 6288-foot-high Mount Washington Observatory, perched amongst the clouds in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Join veteran weather observer Eric Pinder on this whirlwind literary field trip to the top of Mount Washington. Discover what a meteorologist’s typical day is like in the sometimes harsh, sometimes spectacular world above timberline. Come meet Marty Engstrom, tobogganing ravens, meandering moose, hapless hikers, and more. Weather puns and weather wisdom abound.

Praise and Reviews

“Would make a great holiday gift for most anyone. It is not only witty, it is also educational…Ideal for someone who likes to read about unusual jobs.”
– Armchair Interviews

“Takes the reader on a charming journey into our atmosphere through the narrative of Eric’s adventures in the White Mountains.”
– from the foreword by meteorologist Mish Michaels