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Story by Eric Pinder, Illustrations by Stephanie Graegin

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How to Build a Snow Bear

A new book for children about cooperation and teamwork. Thomas wants to build the biggest and best snowman ever. He needs a helping hand—or a helping paw. But little bears love to hibernate on snowy winter days. How do you wake up a snoozing bear? By tickling it? Singing to it? Making the bear’s favorite snack?

How to Build a Snow Bear—a sequel to the Ladybug Picture Book Award nominee How to Share with a Bearis a story about two siblings sharing a wondrous winter day.

“Graegin’s choice of muted colors infuses the story with an overall intimate and comfy feel. The soft browns of the characters’ faces, bear suit, and house interior reflect the warmth permeating the brothers’ loving interactions. A pleasant choice for a cozy read.” ―Kirkus Reviews

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If there’s no snow for snow caves, you always build a book fort instead.

Snow Book Fort!