Cat in the Clouds by Eric Pinder and Illustrated by T.B.R. Walsh.

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Story by Eric Pinder, Illustrations by T.B.R. Walsh
The History Press, 2009

Eric Pinder lived and worked alongside Nin on the summit of Mount Washington for seven years, and wrote more about his adventures there in a book for grownups: Life at the Top.

T.B.R. Walsh is the award-winning illustrator and co-author of Treehouse Chronicles. On his blog, he shares sample illustrations and describes the challenges of illustrating a children’s book like Cat in the Clouds.

Cat in the Clouds

Nin needs a home. Stray cat Nin drifts from house to house until he meets a meteorologist named Mark. Then Nin begins his greatest journey yet—to the top of Mount Washington. Follow Nin to a land where the wind howls, snow swirls and wild bears roam. At the famous Mount Washington Observatory, Nin learns that the best friends—and a wonderful home—can be found anywhere, even high above the clouds.

Richly illustrated with watercolors by T.B.R. Walsh, Cat in the Clouds will delight children and adults with a peek inside the famous weather observatory atop Mount Washington, where a handful of hardy meteorologists and clever cats have watched the weather since 1932. An appendix introduces children to other cats on Mount Washington, from Oompha and her kittens on the day of the record-breaking Big Wind in 1934 to the newest observatory cat, Marty.

Cat in the Clouds is the true story of Nin’s adventures from the moment he showed up as a stray at the Putney School in Vermont to his fun-filled days as a “weather cat” on top of Mount Washington, the Home of the World’s Worst Weather.

Cat in the Clouds was in good company at the 2014 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C., representing New Hampshire at the “Discover Great Places through Reading” Pavilion of the States.

2014 National Book Festival program.
Nin on the prowl for books.

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